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#DJLife: Four Tips for Smooth DJ Changeovers

In order to keep the night flowing, DJ changeover needs to be a seamless process. Following on from our article on DJ Booth Rules, here are a few pieces of advice when preparing to change over.

#DJLife: Booth Rules

As a DJ, the booth is probably the most important physical location on Earth, at least while you’re doing your job. Here are a few handy tips to make this space work for you, so you can deliver a killer set.

News: Stream DJ Mixes on Spotify

A new partnership between Spotify and Dubset has been announced at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, opening the door for DJ mixes and individual remixes to be uploaded and streamed through the platform. Read more...

#DJLife: Ear Protection

As a DJ, your ears are everything. If you're working night after night in loud environments, you need to think about protecting yourself against damage. Here are a few things to know so you can prevent permanent damage and keep DJing for many years to come.

Learn: Using Samples & The SP-6

Whether you're adding your custom DJ drops, blasting airhorns or setting off the dub siren, the SP-6 Sample Player in Serato DJ is your best friend. Read a quick guide to using this Serato DJ feature like a pro.

From the Forum: Help me with my DJ name!

Welcome to a new blog series where we discuss some of the most famous, frequent and controversial questions and topics from the Serato Forum. First up, "Help me with my DJ name!"

Talking with Eskei83

Matty P from the Serato Artist Squad, caught up with our good friend and World Thre3Style champ, DJ Eskei83, to chat about changing his style up to play in the US, how he's using Serato DJ and the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 mixer, as well as some of the hot tracks he's playing right now.

Get Ready for Red Bull Thre3Style 2016

Entries are opening on March 1st for this years Red Bull Thre3Style. With the world finals taking place in Chile this year, the competition is going to be fierce. Do you have what it takes?

DJ Vice & A-Trak: Tacos and DJ Talk

Check out a new series from DJ Vice, "Electric Taco", where he hangs out with his DJ buddies to eat tacos and chop it up about DJing and DJ culture. Watch episode 2 with A-Trak!

FYI: Dropout Warnings vs Limiter Warnings in Serato DJ

Something that comes up regularly during Serato DJ Workshop tours, on the Serato Forum and elsewhere online, is confusion from DJs about the USB dropout indicator and limiter warning lights in Serato DJ. Read more about what these actually mean and put your mind at ease :)

Should DJs Stop Playing Soundcloud/Youtube Rips?

Mojaxx from DJCity recently vented (in a good way) about why DJs should stop playing low quality Soundcloud / Youtube rips. Check out his video opinion piece and decide for yourself.

2015 Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals: Live Updates

Check here for updates from the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals week in Tokyo, Japan. We'll be updating the results as they happen, sharing stories, photos & video from the week of competition leading up to the grand final.