Learn: Ableton Link

What is Link?

Link is an Ableton technology used for synchronising Serato DJ with other devices and applications, usually over a local network.

It can be used to synchronise two Serato DJ instances on separate computers, synchronise Serato DJ with other Digital Audio Workstations (such as Ableton Live), or other devices and applications.

What do I need to use Link?

  • Serato DJ 1.9.3 or higher
  • Serato DJ-compatible hardware
  • An ad-hoc or local network connection (unless Ableton Live is being used with Link and Serato DJ on the same computer)
  • If using Link to connect with Ableton - Ableton Live 9.6 or higher
  • A Link compatible application

What applications can be controlled using Link?

Currently it's available with the following desktop applications;

  • Ableton Live
  • Serato DJ
  • Reason
  • Max

It's also available via a multitude of iOS apps, and more desktop and mobile applications are planned to include support in the future.

For more information and up-to-date list of compatible applications, please refer to Ableton's Link website.

Ableton also have a more general Link FAQ.

How do I setup Link?

Ableton Link is available in Serato DJ 1.9.3.

Get Serato DJ.

Comments (7)

AKIEM 8:07 PM - 23 September, 2016
Link should transmit Key info as well.
matroberts 12:36 AM - 24 September, 2016
Link should transmit Key info as well.

So it's only midi clock?
Karl Y 7:39 PM - 24 September, 2016

Read here how link works ;-)
Pete Input 1:44 AM - 25 September, 2016
6 hour B2B set. Worked like a dream.
Thank you Serato!
Hotvol 2:39 PM - 2 October, 2016
when i use link the cpu goes to red high cpu usege plz fix this coz i been using ableton with serato like 2 years ago but without link . bty every thing is fine but when i press link the cpu meter gose to red and dissconnect the link
emile 6:46 PM - 8 December, 2016
Listen fuck what you heard Im using this totally Change everything about music as we know it . YES Im not being Coy or telling some bullshit self hype .
Look Understand this .. as a Turntablist Electro Pioneer and A hip hop Futurist
Thais is my purpose.. 3 x in my life .. I flat lined,Dead
I was in a wheelchair a year ago wasn't supposed walk again .and pretty was told I was done a decade ago .. and that would have crushed mos
Had to literally Crawl my way back to the decks and gear.. al that said and DONE . What was it for ?
Was it to stroke/remake my ego driven love of attention and beats nto a 40 year old dj's come back story.. No . It was to be here as I read what ?
4 comments on what may arguably be the most under discussed and ground breaking feature of music itself in 25v years.. and Why ? Why no parade and visions of integrated audiences with devices creating a virtual drum circle ? Why no discussion of how the Barrier or Artist/Audience where people can ACTUALLY . Connect with the artist or Overpaid Jukebox and booking agency model rep ( insert DJ )
WHY / because .. ' " Dont look at the little man behind the curtain .. I .. I am the great and mighty OZ" .. right ? Or maybe this why the instruments and drums arent allowed at the Concerts or Why the drum circles take place before and after but hardly ever During the Dead or PHISH CONCERTS <<
Or maybe and this is a stretch fellas and females
I had to put together a performance where 8 phone jacks go into the audience and all my content comes from the audience .. and i mix things in and become more of an electronic conductor .. And then I stop The house sound fades down the shews over people link up .. the rhythm confines.. I become a Catalyst for new ideas and like a torch carried through Greek Times .. people become connected .. It no longer becomes about ME. But I Become part of something much Bigger than Myself .
Soon very .. very soon .

onthe1 1:22 AM - 20 January, 2019

DJ culture does already contain what could be described as a partial deconstruction of the artist and audience binary. This can be seen in the practices of remix work, pseudonymous releases, white labels, combining found objects (records) into spontaneous re-creations, and voluntary participation through dance.

I see what you mean with regards to Ableton Link. It's an attempt at the self-overcoming of master and slave.

Are you (ever) in the Bay Area? PM me.