2016 Global Spin DJ Expo

The 2016 Global Spin DJ Expo is a special event happening on the 17th September in New York City for DJs to try out the latest in music technology, network and be part of the culture. Scratch DJ Academy will be there offering DJ lessons and much more...

"The GSDJE expo promises to bring together the global DJ community for one day of education, innovation and inspiration.  The GSDJE is sure to create a unique opportunity for our Sponsors and Exhibitors to connect with consumers receptive to music technology, services, music culture and lifestyle brands. The expo insures to connect attendees with the world’s leading music resources to help guide those who DJ as a hobby as well as those who are serious about their careers and wanting greater success."

- From GSDJE website.


Metropolitan Pavilion – 125 West 18th Street, New York City.


Saturday 9-17-16, 12pm - 6pm.

Head to the Global Spin DJ Expo website to buy tickets.