Now Available: Serato DJ 1.7

Serato DJ 1.7 is now available for download. This release includes a powerful new expansion pack, Serato Flip, as well as a number of important features, bug fixes and optimizations. Check out the list of changes in Serato DJ 1.7 below and update!

What's New?

Serato Flip Expansion pack:

Serato Flip enables you to create custom edits, extend and reimagine your music. This is possible by recording your cue point and censor actions which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start in an instant.

Use Serato Flip to create and save up to 6 Flips per track, ready for playback in the studio or the club.  The Serato Flip Expansion pack is available for purchase in-app and on the Serato Online Store for USD $29. 

Check out Serato Flip in full.

DVS Expansion pack:

The DVS Expansion pack available in Serato DJ 1.7, allows you to expand your setup and connect turntables or CDJs to a supported DVS upgrade ready controller. 

Controllers able to take advantage of the DVS Expansion Pack are known as "DVS Upgrade Ready" devices, while hardware that supports DVS out of the box is called "DVS ready". Check out the first list of DVS Upgrade Ready controllers below:

  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2
  • Numark N4
  • Denon MC6000mkII

MIDI Panel:

A popular feature from Scratch Live, the Midi Panel is now available in Serato DJ 1.7 and we've improved it.

The MIDI panel allows you to map additional software features to a secondary MIDI device for more control. The MIDI panel allows you to map features without actual on-screen controls such as:

  • Scrolling through your library and loading tracks.
  • Cycling through the different Serato DJ panels (FX, SP-6, Record, Flip)
  • Add tracks to the Prepare Crate
  • Loop Roll
  • Shift your loops backwards and forwards.
  • Combo LPF / HPF filter for each deck that can be mapped.
  • Much more...

Learn more about the MIDI panel in Serato DJ.

Cue Point Sorting Options:

With Serato DJ 1.7 you now have more flexibility with the way your cue points are sorted. There's a setup screen option to automatically sort cues chronologically and you can re-arrange your cues by dragging and dropping.

AM Mode (Hide Track/Artist Info):

A very popular but hidden "easter egg" feature in Scratch Live, AM Mode has been developed as an official feature in Serato DJ.

Either enable this in setup or use the keyboard shortcut (Command + M / Ctrl + M) to turn on / off AM Mode. This feature hides the track and artist name on all playing decks from those annoying trainspotting seagulls at the club. Hide your hot exclusives and rare cuts.

Smaller Quantize Values:

Quantize cues also get a bit of love in Serato DJ 1.7 with the ability to quantize to even smaller beat divisions. This allows you to be even more accurate with your cue points and is available down to 1/16th notes.

New Hardware:

Serato DJ 1.7 adds support for a lot of new hardware from our world leading hardware partners in the form of both Official Serato DJ & DJ Intro Controllers and Official Serato Accessories:

  • Numark NV
  • Pioneer SX2
  • DDJ WeGO3
  • Akai Pro AFX
  • Reloop Neon

Check out the new hardware available in Serato DJ 1.7.

What's Improved?

Library Optimization:

DJs like collecting music. They like collecting a lot of music. Previously there was an upper limit to the amount of music that could be added in Serato DJ. We’ve decided that’s was not enough and have done some work to optimise our database technology. Now you can have LOTS more. In fact you can have up to 5x as many songs as you had in your Scratch Live library.

Bug Fixes

We put a lot of work into ensuring rock solid performance from Serato DJ with this release and our team managed to squash a huge amount of bugs and make some great improvements. This release was very focussed on stability and ensuring we have the most solid platform for DJs to rely on. Check out the full Serato DJ 1.7 release notes to see what we have fixed in 1.7.

Also... A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the Serato DJ 1.7 public beta!

New Rane drivers:

For users with Rane hardware, bundled in this update are new and improved drivers. Please make sure to install these when you first open the software, using the button in the side panel. Also make sure the firmware is up to date for your hardware.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to hit us up in the comments section. If you need any technical support, please open a help request.