Available Now: Serato Flip

Serato Flip is now available with Serato DJ 1.7 and is available for purchase in-app and on the Serato Online Store for USD $29.

Serato Flip enables you to create custom edits, extend and reimagine your music. This is possible by recording your cue point and censor actions / automation, which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start an instant.

The original idea for simple recording and playback of cue point information was first pitched to us by NZ producer P Money, who was already using Serato Scratch Live to put beats together manually by triggering cue points.

Check out this video presented by P Money about what Serato Flip is, and how it came to be:

With each track in your library you can save up to 6 Flips. This can be done in the Offline Player or while DJing, with your Serato DJ hardware connected. Not only a great beat sketch pad, Serato Flip can also be used as a powerful DJ tool. The simple, yet effective control set, designed with the DJ in mind allows you to:

  • Make clean edits of your tracks by recording censor actions.
  • Extend intros, breakdowns or outros for better mixing.
  • Create transition sections in your songs for changing tempo or beat structure.
  • Advanced tone-play and performance.
  • Auto-skipping verses or choruses in songs.
  • Making beats.
  • You tell us :)

Serato Flip Features

Record Cue Point & Censor Automation Click record once to arm recording. Once you hit the first cue or censor, recording begins. Hit record again to set the end point of your Flip.

Prepare & Edit Tracks In Offline Mode Use Serato Flip to prepare tracks without your hardware connected.

Flip Saving Save 6 different Flips per track. Serato Flip information is saved to your tracks metadata and doesn't edit the audio of the track. You can delete cue points and your Flip will still be remembered.

Hardware Controls, Keyboard Shortcut & Midi Mappable Control Flip directly from your computer or your controller with a keyboard shortcut and hardware controls being mapped for supported current and future hardware. Flip controls are also MIDI mappable for use with the MIDI controller of your choice.

Looping / Loop Snap Choose whether your recorded Flip plays through once or loops. Select whether your looped Flip will snap to an end-point that's on beat with your track.

Recall and Replay Turn Flips ON / OFF and start your Flip on track load or whenever you like.

Make perfect edits Platter movements aren't recorded so you can move the platter to an exact point and trigger a cue point to make the perfect Flip.

Name your Flips Just like Serato DJs nameable Cue Points you can also name your Flips. The name of your Flip will appear in the deck info area when the track is loaded.

For a more in-depth walkthrough of Flip and how to get started, check out this walkthrough video by Logan from our Product Planning Team:

Let us know if you have any questions below!