Learn: MIDI Panel

The MIDI Panel, used to map features in Serato DJ without on-screen controls is back in Serato DJ 1.7, with some brand new additions. Read on to understand the MIDI Panel, what's new and how it can be useful.

Serato DJ 1.7 is available now for download.

The MIDI panel allows you to map additional software features to a secondary MIDI device for more control. The MIDI panel allows you to map features without actual on-screen controls such as:

  • Scrolling through your library and loading tracks.
  • Cycling through the different Serato DJ panels (FX, Sampler, Record, Flip)
  • Toggle library views
  • Switch active deck focus
  • CTRL + Z or Undo feature
  • Save next cue (adds a cue point to the next available slot)
  • Temp cue
  • Instant double
  • Fast forward / Rewind
  • Next track
  • Add tracks to the Prepare Crate
  • Loop Roll
  • Autoloop
  • Loop Size
  • Shift your loops backwards and forwards.
  • Combo LPF / HPF filter for each deck that can be mapped.

It's also really easy to use. When you have a secondary MIDI device connected, you will see the MIDI button at the top left of the Serato DJ interface. Click this to enter MIDI mapping mode, the MIDI panel is able to be shown by clicking the "SHOW MIDI PANEL" button in the centre of the screen, above the library.

Check out a full guide on MIDI mapping in Serato DJ Pro

If you have any problems or need any technical support, please visit the Serato Support area to open a help request and speak with our team.