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NAMM 2017 Day Two

The Legendary Grandmaster DXT, Jazzy Jay, Keith Shocklee (Bombsquad) and Breakbeat Lou were in attendance and it was great to see them checking out all the new goodies and walk the floor. Shout out to DJ Revolution, Mike Relm, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ Eko and Expo, for coming through to say hi!

Numark NS7 Demo with Serato DJ

Loyal support team chum, Mak, had a bit of fun in the office on the Numark NS7 with Serato DJ the other day. Have a listen to some great local hip hop and check out Mak giving the software a good test drive!

On the road to BPM: LDN/The Boiler Room

The Serato team at the Boiler Room in London on the road to BPM in 2010

Hola Barcelona! Hola Sonar!

The Serato crew catch up with some friends and check out some artists at Sonar in Barcelona, 2010.

Team Serato at MUTEK Montreal

The Serato crew are back on the road and head to Montreal, Canada for MUTEK - a festival of digital creativity and electronic music.

Serato on the road - from Detroit to NYC to Montreal

The Serato crew check out the sights of Detroit on the final day of Movement and then are back on the road.

Serato at Movement 2010 - Day 2

The Serato crew check out day 2 of Movement in Detroit, 2010.

Serato at Movement 2010 - Day 1 (words)

The Serato crew are on the road and catch up with some friends on day 1 of Movement 2010 in Detroit.

Movement 2010 - day 1

The Serato team are on the road and share some photos from Movement in Detroit, 2010.

Team Serato on the road - LA leg

The Serato crew are on the road again and catch up with their friend The Gaslamp Killer in LA.

Photos from Secret N.A.S.A. Party in Auckland

N.A.S.A play an awesome private party for the Serato crew and friends in Auckland, 2010.