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Controller DJ "The Abbott" Wins DMC Online Round

Controllers have been relatively standard for a while now, and their use and acceptance has been widespread except in the battle scene... until now! Check out this routine from local NZ DJ "The Abbott" who has taken out round 4 of the DMC Online World Championships.

Now Supported: Mixars DUO

The Mixars DUO is our very first partnership with all new Italian based DJ company, Mixars. An all-new DVS enabled 2-channel mixer for Serato DJ. Now supported in Serato DJ 1.9.1. Learn more.

Learn: Using Samples & The SP-6

Whether you're adding your custom DJ drops, blasting airhorns or setting off the dub siren, the SP-6 Sample Player in Serato DJ is your best friend. Read a quick guide to using this Serato DJ feature like a pro.

Hedspin on CDJs. It's not what you use...

As a working DJ, you want to try out as many different setups as you can for that one moment when you may need to step up and work with something you're not used to. Check out DJ Hedspin putting some time in with a set of CDJs and laying down a killer juggle routine with some classic breaks.

FREE Serato DJ Bundle with the Xone:43C

Till June 1st, US residents who purchase an Allen & Heath Xone:43C mixer will get a FREE Serato DJ Club kit license and DVS Vinyl pack. Read more on claiming this special offer.

Master your Mixtapes with LANDR

Mastering is the process of polishing your raw recording into a dynamic, loud and high quality professionally sounding audio product. The LANDR DJ App offers an instant mastering tool allowing your recording to sound good on a wide array of speakers, not just your personal setup. Read more and try it out.

Denon DJ MCX8000 In-Depth Tutorial

The all new Denon DJ MCX8000 packs a serious level of performance, with control for a huge number of recent Serato DJ features including Pitch 'n Time DJ key shifting / sync, Flip and more. Learn all about this new flagship device from Denon DJ in this in-depth tutorial video.

Numark Dashboard now Supported in Serato DJ 1.8.2

The Numark Dashboard is a new Official Serato Accessory with 3 high resolution screens so you can spend less time on your laptop. Now supported in Serato DJ 1.8.2 - available now.

Learn: Pitch Play

Pitch Play is a new feature, unique to the Denon DJ MCX8000 that, in conjunction with Pitch 'n Time DJ, allows you to play your cues across a range of different keys - giving you another great tool for routines and creative mixes.

Serato DJ 1.8.2 Now Available

Serato DJ 1.8.2 is now available with plug-and-play support for the 4-channel Denon DJ MCX8000 controller, the 3-screen Numark Dashboard an Official Serato Accessory as well as some important bug fixes and improvements. Read more and update.

Serato DJマスタークラスが日本で開催

世界の各都市で行われるSerato公認セミナー「Serato DJ Master Class」が、東京と大阪の二都市で開催されます。ニュージーランドのSerato本社からRuiが来日、Serato DJの基本から実用的なテクニックまで実演を交えてセミナーを行います。是非参加しましょう!

DJ Fong Fong introduces the "SliderKut"

DJ Fong Fong pushes the boat out again with this new video showcasing an innovative new scratch toy called the "SliderKut". Watch some innovative DIY turntablism at its best :)