DJ Fong Fong introduces the "SliderKut"


I'm proud to present this new toy named "SliderKut". I dreamed about this project in 2009 and with Geofresh's help we built this first prototype 2 years ago...

Posted by DJ FONG FONG on Monday, 29 February 2016

DJ Fong Fong pushes the ⛵️  out again with this new video showcasing an innovative new scratch toy called the "SliderKut". Watch some innovative DIY turntablism at its best :)

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Comments (6)

Rasp Haunt 12:36 AM - 1 March, 2016
when can i get one?..and how much...this is so perfect...
Rasp Haunt
JiSiL 7:31 AM - 1 March, 2016
Real talk tho... when and where could I snag one of these? Looks too fun xD
Johnny Prophet 4:16 AM - 5 March, 2016
I'm going nuts tryin to figure out how you did this. Please consider releasing info! Props.
Rasp Haunt 4:57 PM - 5 March, 2016
actually,I build gear and this isnt that hard to is my frettless fader

If this isnt released soon..I will make a few and take custom orders....the Only draw back is that its all forward and then the slow down...any basic controller can stripped down to do this.
So from what I hear it will made,from actual reliable people...if not...Its very basic.
Rasp Haunt
Rasp Haunt 11:19 PM - 1 February, 2017
....make no mistake....i wanna buy this from You Kats ASAP....please send me a pre-order link....i might even get 2....
Sliderkut 9:26 AM - 3 February, 2017
just started on kickstarter!