Numark Dashboard now Supported in Serato DJ 1.8.2

The Numark Dashboard is a new Official Serato Accessory with 3 high resolution screens so you can spend less time on your laptop. Now supported in Serato DJ 1.8.2 - available here.

As seen on Numark's flagship NS7III controller, the Dashboard delivers the same capability and convenience to DJs using any Serato controller that doesn't already have a screen display.

Two of Dashboard’s screens provide moving waveforms, playhead, deck, and FX status. A third, central screen gives a dedicated view of the Serato library. This third central screen can also be switched to display stackable parallel waveforms for complete beat matching control of their active programs.

With the Dashboard display, the DJ can manage all critical performance elements with the source laptop out of sight or closed altogether - something that is not possible with most controllers and DVS solutions currently available.

Key Features

  • Serato Hi-Resolution DJ Display for any Serato hardware
  • 3-screen display incorporates low-profile Serato Displays with your existing hardware
  • Stacked parallel waveform option on central screen for simple, direct visual beat matching
  • Screens provide 1:1 real time feedback of Serato DJ, enabling DJ to close or move the source laptop and focus on the music
  • Dedicated track library screen with corresponding navigation controls
  • 3 height adjustments with full tilt control for DVS or controller height setup
  • 5-column options to show Song, Artist, Time, BPM, and Key
  • Gridlines on screen enable perfect beat matching
  • Compatible with over 40 existing Serato DJ control systems including DVS 

If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below.