Learn: Pitch Play

Pitch Play is a new feature, unique to the Denon DJ MCX8000 that, in conjunction with Pitch 'n Time DJ, allows you to play your cues across a range of different keys - giving you another great tool for routines and creative mixes. Watch a video above with Eddie from SeratoHQ showcasing this feature.

Introduced in Serato DJ 1.8.2 (available here), this feature is available for Denon DJ MCX8000 users with Pitch 'n Time DJ enabled.

Using Pitch Play

To enable Pitch Play mode on the Denon DJ MCX8000, hold SHIFT and press the SAMPLER Performance Pad mode (the Sampler mode button will illuminate green).

There are 3 key ranges to choose from. The following images show pitched key ranges (in semitones) while using the 8 performance pads in Pitch Play mode. To toggle between key ranges press the left or right PARAM 1 buttons.

The root key pad (0) is always lit white, which will play the cue point at it’s regular pitch. When in Pitch Play mode, pressing a pad will pitch the currently selected cue point up or down the following ranges:

Up Range (Up 7 Semitones)

Middle Range (Up 3/Down 4 Semitones)

Down Range (Down 7 Semitones)

Note: When Pitch Play mode is first enabled, the middle range is selected. The range will be remembered if you jump to another performance pad mode and then back to Pitch Play mode within the same session. If a new track is loaded, key mode will default to middle range.

Selecting a different Cue Point

You are only able to use Pitch Play with one Cue Point at a time. To change the selected Cue Point, hold the SHIFT button on the MCX8000 and press a performance pad of the cue point you want to select would be (as shown in the CUES performance pad mode). The available cue points will be dimly lit to give you an idea of which cue points have been set. Pads without cue points are not lit.

e.g. while holding SHIFT, press the corresponding performance pad for:

The selected cue point defaults to Cue Point 1 on track load, even if instant doubled. If a pad with no cue point is selected, then a new cue point will be created. Deleting a cue point however, is not possible in Pitch Play mode. Range is remembered if you change to another pad mode, then back to key mode. If a new track is loaded, key mode will default to middle range.

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Comments (20)

DJ Antenna 1:04 AM - 8 March, 2016
Will this feature be available in the near future to other Serato supported hardware?
Ls4life 1:43 AM - 8 March, 2016
That is a nice feature and it could be added to the DDJ-SX2 and other controller which have the same build.
Dj Owe 7:12 AM - 8 March, 2016
can we use this feature on a SP1?
ElahMentalWords 5:02 PM - 8 March, 2016
That's a sweet integration
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 8:22 PM - 8 March, 2016
Hey team,

This is unique to this controller for now i'm afraid - no plans for across the board support at this stage but anything is possible in the future.

Dj Owe 11:25 PM - 8 March, 2016
OK thanks for that sam
Stennor 5:19 PM - 10 March, 2016
I saw a dj city video with Michael basic using "tone play" with his laptop keyboard. Is this the same function in serato? youtu.be
DJLILDREWTHEFUTURE 9:43 PM - 15 April, 2016
*I just bought me the mcx8000 & I will test this options*Thank you for the info...
Stennor 11:06 PM - 15 April, 2016
You didn't answer my question.
msoultan 8:51 PM - 6 December, 2016
Is this feature available on the MC7000?
Nathaniel T 1:39 AM - 8 December, 2016
Yes the MC7000 does have Pitch Play :)
msoultan 1:47 AM - 8 December, 2016
Sweet! Any word on a release date?
DJ Turbulence Bahamas 3:29 PM - 15 December, 2016
I saw a dj city video with Michael basic using "tone play" with his laptop keyboard. Is this the same function in serato? youtu.be

No. He just used the cue points to access various pitches from the track. This implementation takes one specific cue point and maps it to various pitches.
M.adaM 5:53 PM - 28 December, 2016
Is this (will be) available on the Numark NS7 II also?

Also I can't map the pitch shift (+ and -) to any button.
I wanted to use the + and - buttons under the pitch slider that I NEVER use, and those buttons can't be changed via MIDI learn.
Bleezy B 2:46 AM - 17 January, 2017
I'm trying to use the pitch play on mine but it's not working. I press shift and sampler, while holding the shift button still I click a cue point and it deletes the cue point. Any reason for this?
djskeelo 9:10 AM - 29 January, 2017
can you do pitch play on the pioneer ddj sz?
I have pitch n time but I don't have idea how can put the pitch play on my controller sz
Pls if someone knows that would highly appreciate your help
M.adaM 9:07 AM - 31 January, 2017
With the new 1.96 beta, many flagship controller have the Pitch Play function.
THX Serato team!
Sether 6:53 PM - 7 February, 2017
if I use Shift + parameter buttons for bringing pitch up and down can I go back to original pitch when the beat drops with just a button on my djm s9
djskeelo 6:59 AM - 7 March, 2017
Thank you so much for the info man, already downloaded on my ddj sz on 1.9.6 serato dj beta
The only problem that I have I don't find the way to do my cue points on pitch play so I can have different ones it only let me to set up the cue points correctly I press shit and the cue points on pitch play and it's not the same when you just do normal cue points , do you any way that I could set up different cue points on pitch play
On serato ddj sz?
I haven't found any ddj sz that teach you how to create cue points on the ddj sz
djskeelo 8:58 AM - 7 March, 2017
hello dj quick question on pitch play on your s9
On pitch play can you set 1 cue point on each pad? I have the pioneer ddj sz and only let me use one cue points from pitch play and I can maybe set two cue points but it's not easy is not like you just putting your normal hot cues
In song because it's kinda wack of pitch play only let you set one cue points nof would be better if I can create different cues so it can sound better