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15 March, 2016

Denon DJ MCX8000 In-Depth Tutorial

The all new Denon DJ MCX8000 packs a serious level of performance, with control for a huge number of recent Serato DJ features including Pitch 'n Time DJ key shifting / sync, Flip and more. Learn all about this new flagship device from Denon DJ in this in-depth tutorial video.

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Comments (4)

Mr Wilks 3:34 PM - 16 March, 2016
Stoked for this.
Mr K-oz 6:41 PM - 18 March, 2016
really it´s a beatiful controller, i want it
wildchild6907 6:06 AM - 19 March, 2016
i cosign on this…..
donsaxo 12:47 AM - 25 March, 2016
This is a new era


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