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Forthcoming Serato DJ support for the Numark NS6II

Available in a forthcoming Serato DJ release is the Numark NS6II. Building on it's predecessor the NS6, one of the first 4-channel controller to be supported by Serato, the NS6II brings some great updates to this iconic Serato DJ controller.

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13 Mar, 2017

Slip Mode Support

Slip Mode, now available for all supported Serato DJ Controllers when you download or upgrade to Serato DJ 1.3.

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19 Aug, 2013

Photos: NS6 Performance Video With Serato DJ

Here's a sneaky inside look at our latest performance video shoot. Featuring New Zealand's own DJ CXL using Serato DJ with the Numark NS6 - The first ITCH controller to get Serato DJ support. Keep an eye out for the official release of the performance video.

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14 Mar, 2013

Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH is available now!

The Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH hit stores today.

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1 Jun, 2011

DJ Cerla live remixing on the Numark NS6

DJ Cerla remixes a tune live using the new Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH

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28 Apr, 2011

First look at the Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH

Mike Hoska gives you an exclusive look at the Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH

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16 Mar, 2011