Photos: NS6 Performance Video With Serato DJ

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DvjUpset 2:10 AM - 14 March, 2013
damn i need the Serato Dj for my VCI380 soooooooon! its looks great!
Mpower 2:24 AM - 14 March, 2013
Serato DJ is really amazing!! I have it for the DDJ-SX and i'm really impressed!
magplus80 2:36 AM - 14 March, 2013
Nice user friendly software upgrade. Came at just the right time for me. [Numark NS6 User]
Robb Goodnight 10:01 AM - 14 March, 2013
I will test it with my Twitch, but I think that Traktor would be still the perfect program for my djing.
DJJP glasgow 7:37 PM - 14 March, 2013
i have serato dj with my pioneer ddj wego. couple of minor issues.
no control over touch sensitivity and cant seem to assign more than one effect at a time.

if anyone can help with this, please let me know. thanks djjp
Martin C 11:52 AM - 15 March, 2013
Hey DJJP glasgow,

Please create a help request here: and someone from the support team will help you out :)
GilBoogie 1:49 AM - 20 March, 2013
I love my NS6 but.... I might have to Craigslist it when that NS7 II comes out. LOL
DvjUpset 12:44 AM - 22 March, 2013
you must have long time for wait lol ... damn :l
Kurtykurt 1:51 AM - 24 March, 2013
hurry up with serato dj for vestax vci 380 !!!!! its taking FOREVER !
dj R3mixx 3:21 PM - 24 March, 2013
i wish i could use sera to dj on my ns6!! fix the bugs already!!
DvjUpset 12:03 AM - 25 March, 2013
damn true Kurtykurt :c we have to wait loong time
TEEMAN 6:21 AM - 25 March, 2013
Anyone heard when they will drop dj for the rest of the itch controllers mainly ns7 it's sping and, haven't seen the support for it as of yet
Samini 1:52 PM - 27 March, 2013
I know they just drop it for NS6 so i think NS7 will be somewhere this week
dj R3mixx 1:57 PM - 28 March, 2013
I would still use itch until the bugs get worked out... but definitely check it feels and looks like SSL...
DJ Toney 2:53 PM - 28 March, 2013
I have and love the DDJ SX with serato DJ ! I have had no major issues with it but I will keep my NS6 with itch as a back up because it has proven it self.
Veejay Dullah 5:53 PM - 6 April, 2013
i have a numark ns6 n i have a serato dj + vedeo so i can be able to use my serato purchase for this?
Martin C 10:50 PM - 6 April, 2013
You don't need a Serato DJ license for your Numark NS6, it will just work like it did with ITCH. You can use Serato Video with your NS6 now though if you have purchased it :)
Veejay Dullah 4:14 PM - 7 April, 2013
Joey Tunes 10:55 PM - 8 April, 2013
I really love my NS6 as well but...I too have had to step back to Itch for reasons posted here:
The times that I have been able to get connected with Serato DJ and my NS6, I've had a blast. Now, when I pull out my NS6, I get anxious..."will it crash?". I'm sure I'll be in peace one day...
MrMixshow 2:44 PM - 12 April, 2013
Still haven't gotten my Pioneer DDJ WeGo to work with Serato DJ... Why did i even buy a controller? I'm stickin to Scratch live. Still got love for Serato.
Joey Tunes 4:09 PM - 12 April, 2013
Wow...I put in a Serato help request on Monday and still no response. Is this the way it normally is with Serato???
Joey Tunes 4:09 PM - 12 April, 2013
Wow...I put in a Serato help request on Monday and still no response. Is this the way it normally is with Serato???

Note...this is in regards to NS6 and Serato DJ...
MrMixshow 4:57 PM - 12 April, 2013
Nah not that i know of but I didnt have to go through all of this sticking to my turntables and Scratch Live..
Martin C 7:02 AM - 13 April, 2013
Hey DJ Joey Tunes,

We are experiencing high volumes of support traffic right now, but will be responding to you as soon as we possibly can so I appreciate your patience :)
Joey Tunes 2:22 PM - 13 April, 2013
Thank you for the update! Have a great day!
Veejay Dullah 2:43 PM - 23 April, 2013
nice 1
Joey Tunes 6:52 PM - 23 April, 2013
For those of you interested in NS6 crash issues I'm having with external drive, see the response from Serato: