Slip Mode Support

With the release of Serato DJ 1.3, Slip mode, originally supported only for specific Pioneer controllers is now integrated into Serato DJ's software for ALL supported controllers!

But what is it?

Slip Mode is a feature that when turned on, enables you to manipulate the playhead of the selected track (Scratching, looping, enabling cues etc) and once finished the track will return to where it would have been if you had not done anything.

This feature enables you to get creative without losing the position of the track and crashing the mix, simply adding another dimension to your music or hyping up a track before the drop without losing the position.

Slip Mode is easy to enable and use, simply click the Slip Mode icon on the right hand side of the virtual deck if your controller doesn't have this feature built in and you are ready to Slip.

Check out Logans video and see how he used Slip Mode from 1:09 in his mix.