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DSTRUKT 2016 DMC Routine

Straight from Serato Studio 2 in New York, check out DSTRUKT's 2016 DMC routine with some added extras.

DJ Fong Fong introduces the "SliderKut"

DJ Fong Fong pushes the boat out again with this new video showcasing an innovative new scratch toy called the "SliderKut". Watch some innovative DIY turntablism at its best :)

New Vekked "Full Clip" Routine

Vekked does it again with a new routine paying respect to Gang Starr - Full Clip. Watch him juggle, cut up and pull the insides of this classic apart with skills only the reigning World DMC champion has. Watch the routine!

DJ Muzzell Bee Gees Routine + More

We came across these great little DJM-S9 / Serato DJ routines by DJ Muzzell during a recent Youtube party in the office. Watch him put together these two short routines, cutting up both Love You Inside Out by the Bee Gees (Serge Gamesbourg edit), as well as Learn From You by Bobby Tank.

DJ Trayze's New DJ Setup

DJ Trayze blessed his new DJ setup (complete with MIDI drum kit) with a new routine yesterday. Nice to see the booth continuing to expand as DJs continue to add more performance elements to their sets. Turn It UP!

UKF in the Mix: Drum & Bass - in association with Serato

UK Turntablist DJ, Captain Crunch cuts, blends and scratches his way through a selection of recent UKF Drum n Bass uploads in this new show "In The Mix."

Ritchie Ruftone Freestyle Scratch Jam

Watch UK scratch master, Ritchie Ruftone, practicing his cuts at high speed in this freestyle jam session. You'll see why he is a former DMC World Champion and the runner up in this years DMC Online comp.

Eskei83 on the DJM-S9

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is out! Eskei83 shows why he’s a Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion with this new routine, really showcasing all that this new battle mixer and Serato DJ offers. Watch the routine.

Key Shifting Demo w/ Nick from Serato HQ

Watch Nick from Serato HQ as he remaps his Rane TTM57MKII and demos the new Pitch ‘n Time DJ key shifting & sync features in Serato DJ 1.8 available now. Watch the video.

DJ Eskei83 on the Pioneer DJM-S9

Watch Red Bull Thre3Style world champion, DJ Eskei83 on the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 mixer for Serato DJ.

Recloose: CDJs with Serato DJ

Recloose brings Detroit back to Auckland with this short Serato DJ demo showing how easy and powerful it is to connect CDJs to your laptop directly via USB rather than use Control CDs. Watch the video and read how you can set this up.

DJ Vekked 2015 DMC Online World Final Routine

WOW. We have constantly been impressed with DJ Vekked as a battle DJ over the years - this latest routine is another level. One of the most forward thinking battle sets we've seen here at SeratoHQ!