Key Shifting Demo w/ Nick from Serato HQ

Serato Head of Products, Nick Maclaren, gets right into the new features of Serato DJ 1.8 as he remaps the Rane TTM57MKII and shows off the new key shifting / key sync update to Pitch 'n Time DJ.

Serato DJ 1.8 is now available in public beta and a free update for users with Serato DJ Enabled hardware or software licenses. Join the beta and try it out!

Pitch 'n Time DJ

The core of Nick's performance was put together using the new key shifting / key sync features, available as part of Pitch 'n Time DJ updates in Serato DJ 1.8. Firstly, Nick used key shifting to change the pitch of one track progressively as an effect. In the second part of the routine, Nick uses key sync to lock the key of each deck and shift the entire mix!

As you can see, when a compatible track key is reached when pitch shifting, you'll see the musical note icon turn blue. When you see this, you know that both tracks will sound great together.

When the entire button is highlighted blue, this means that the track is key synced to the other deck - shifting now will transpose the entire mix (both decks) up or down.

Learn more about Pitch 'n Time DJ and how you can add this to your Serato DJ setup.

Free for current Pitch ‘n Time DJ users updating to Serato DJ 1.8. For new users, Pitch ‘n Time DJ can be purchased in-app or on the Serato Online Store for 29USD.

Hardware remapping

Nick has remapped the Rane TTM57MKII to take advantage of the new key shifting features available in Serato DJ 1.8. In this instance, he's mapped the joysticks on the mixer to shift the key on each deck up and down. If you're using other hardware, controls such as parameter buttons are great to map if you're not already using these. If you mix with filters, you could even try remapping an EQ to control this!

For more info on MIDI mapping, check out our MIDI 101 guide.

*There are some limitations for specific hardware. For specific information on remapping your controller in Serato DJ 1.8, refer to your individual controller quickstart guide.

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Comments (10) 11:20 AM - 22 October, 2015
simar robert
littleredbeetle 10:10 PM - 22 October, 2015
I'm so stinkin' excited for these features. Any official word on final release date?
DJ Angel Suave Ortiz 3:40 PM - 23 October, 2015
Not sold on Serato's key detection just yet. I need some solid documentation on how it compares to MIK or KeyFinder before I commit to using it full time. Great job serato for allowing the key color and key shift options on whatever choice of key software we choose to use.
Titan721 2:25 PM - 25 October, 2015
I'm with Angel. Once some numbers start rolling in about how good the algorithm is, then people can start making choices about whether to use the native key detection or keep using MiK or thier software of choice. I would imagine it might take a few updates to get it really bang on, especially when you start getting to certain genres. Anyways, I'm still excited for a new update as I'm hoping we finally see official windows 10 support. I'd like to snag a free license before I spend some cash on an SSD and do a dj laptop overhaul.
Dj Owe 6:06 PM - 26 October, 2015
i have been testing the beta and mapped the key sync and also the key parameters but i cant seem to hear any difference in the sound of the track like how nick is doing in this video. any thing that i may have missed?
Dj Owe 6:08 PM - 26 October, 2015
never mind that previous comment i just restarted and re opned the app and have it. having fun with this thanks guys please i need this for my sp1 to be mapped also as most clubs in australia only have pioneer mixers
OmixDJ 8:11 PM - 28 October, 2015
mi consulta es por que no funciona el link para poder probarlo.
Davideon 8:16 AM - 2 November, 2015
Not a good video at all. Why can't manufacturers release videos that show features in a normal way. I was interested in this feature but that sounded awful
DJ Day Won 6:59 PM - 2 November, 2015
I've been using Serato with the latest update for the last couple nights. The key detection appears to be on point. But to be honest, I wish the pitch shift function used more subtle increments. Moving even one click either way is a bit too drastic of a key shift for my personal taste.
Stijn Devos 12:14 PM - 23 September, 2016
How about key tags to Pulslocker files stored offline. Will this be possible in the future?