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Learn: Key Mixing w/ Logan

Find the key that fits! Logan from Serato HQ discusses harmonic mixing and how you can easily use the key shifting and sync tools in Serato DJ to make your mixes sound smoother than ever. Learn how to use key mixing to your advantage.

Learn: Key Shifting & Sync

An update to Pitch 'n Time DJ in Serato DJ 1.8 includes two exciting new features for DJs, key shifting and key sync. Learn about how you can use these new tools and all the creative possibilities.

Learn: Serato Key Detection & Display

Serato DJ 1.8 adds key detection and display giving DJs even more tools to craft perfect mixes and flawless sets. Learn about key analysis in Serato DJ and how you can start using this new tool for harmonic mixing.

Key Shifting Demo w/ Nick from Serato HQ

Watch Nick from Serato HQ as he remaps his Rane TTM57MKII and demos the new Pitch ‘n Time DJ key shifting & sync features in Serato DJ 1.8 available now. Watch the video.

Serato DJ 1.8 First Look w/ DJ City

Serato DJ 1.8 is coming this month! Key detection, an update to Pitch 'n Time DJ and user hardware remapping are all coming soon. Watch Mojaxx from DJ City as he takes an early look and test drives this forthcoming release.

Announcing: Key Detection, Key Shifting & More

Announcing Serato DJ 1.8, the next major software update for Serato DJs. Key detection and display, an update to Pitch ‘n Time DJ allowing key shifting and key sync, user hardware remapping as well as a number of important performance and stability updates.