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Learn: Karaoke Support

MP3+G file support AKA Karaoke file support is now available in Serato DJ 1.7.4. Everyone secretly loves Karaoke. Learn more...

Learn: Key Mixing w/ Logan

Find the key that fits! Logan from Serato HQ discusses harmonic mixing and how you can easily use the key shifting and sync tools in Serato DJ to make your mixes sound smoother than ever. Learn how to use key mixing to your advantage.

Melodics: Cue Point Drumming For DJs

Trying to reach Eskei83 / Four Color Zack / Hedspin / Shintaro esque levels? Cue point drumming is becoming a huge part of the competitive DJs arsenal and there's a handy new tool to help you learn - Melodics! Read more...

Learn: Hardware Remapping

You can now remap your supported Serato DJ controller / mixer to take advantage of the latest features and customise your workflow. Learn how you can remap your device easily!

Learn: Key Shifting & Sync

An update to Pitch 'n Time DJ in Serato DJ 1.8 includes two exciting new features for DJs, key shifting and key sync. Learn about how you can use these new tools and all the creative possibilities.

Learn: Serato Key Detection & Display

Serato DJ 1.8 adds key detection and display giving DJs even more tools to craft perfect mixes and flawless sets. Learn about key analysis in Serato DJ and how you can start using this new tool for harmonic mixing.

Learn: iTunes and Serato DJ

Here's a quick overview of iTunes library support in Serato DJ and some frequently asked questions, including info around the latest iTunes update, 12.2. Read on...

Serato DJ: 升级的五大理由

我们常常与DJ们交谈,他们想知道将Serato DJ 的入门版升级到Serato DJ 是否值得。据我们看来,如果您希望采取下一步的行动,下述五大理由会使您茅塞顿开...

Learn: EQ Colored Waveforms

"EQ colored waveforms" is a new option in Serato DJ that changes the waveform colors in Serato DJ to reflect your EQ changes. Learn more!