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NAMM 2017 Day Two

The Legendary Grandmaster DXT, Jazzy Jay, Keith Shocklee (Bombsquad) and Breakbeat Lou were in attendance and it was great to see them checking out all the new goodies and walk the floor. Shout out to DJ Revolution, Mike Relm, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ Eko and Expo, for coming through to say hi!

Serato at NAMM 2017 - Day One

The Serato Squad started the day in Anaheim, California for Day one of the NAMM 2017 convention. Located in the massive convention centre the 4 day event is spread out on several floors and thousands of square feet of floor space...

DJ AM Documentary Available Worldwide On Demand

AS I AM, the DJ AM documentary following the story of his life, career and the battles he faced personally is now available to view on several on-demand platforms worldwide. Read more and find out where you can watch this.

#DJLife: Play for Free / Play for Fee?

Do you think you should be invoicing for your services yet? Getting paid for most DJs is a rule of thumb, but there are probably times early in your career where this might be a bit tricker to navigate. Product Specialist and local DJ, Ian Wan from Serato HQ talks about his experiences early on and offers some advice.

#DJLife: Four Tips for Smooth DJ Changeovers

In order to keep the night flowing, DJ changeover needs to be a seamless process. Following on from our article on DJ Booth Rules, here are a few pieces of advice when preparing to change over.

#DJLife: Booth Rules

As a DJ, the booth is probably the most important physical location on Earth, at least while you’re doing your job. Here are a few handy tips to make this space work for you, so you can deliver a killer set.

#DJLife: Ear Protection

As a DJ, your ears are everything. If you're working night after night in loud environments, you need to think about protecting yourself against damage. Here are a few things to know so you can prevent permanent damage and keep DJing for many years to come.