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How A-trak Creates A Routine

Step into A-Trak's studio, see his ideas and thoughts before they materialize into the polished performances we regularly see him putting out.

DJs For Climate Action

We talk to Sammy Bananas, the founding member of DJs for Climate Action to find out more about the group’s purpose. We discuss how you can join the coalition alongside other members such as A-Trak and RJD2, and what songs he’d have in his Climate Change mixtape.

Limited Edition 7" A-Trak Serato Pressing

Fool's Gold producer-don and DJ powerhouse A Trak brings us a breezy, synth-charged single with "Parallel Lines'. This pressing comes as an exclusive clear 7" record with audio on the A side and Serato CV02.5 Control Tone on the B side.

DJ Vice & A-Trak: Tacos and DJ Talk

Check out a new series from DJ Vice, "Electric Taco", where he hangs out with his DJ buddies to eat tacos and chop it up about DJing and DJ culture. Watch episode 2 with A-Trak!

A-Trak on the Tonight Show

Check out A-Trak perform alongside The Roots on the Tonight Show, helping them showcase some new material from their latest album.

Fool's Gold Store Opening

Fool's Gold open a brand new store in Brooklyn, A-Trak chats about the new space and being an early Serato beta tester.

A-Trak's Magic Eight Ball Tour

Watch the recap video from A-Trak's recent Magic Eight Ball tour of North America.

Fool's Gold at WMC

Our friends at Fools Gold throw a massive party at WMC 2010 with a huge line up.

A-Trak Infinity+1 Winners

Serato announce the winners of the Rare picture discs from the A-Trak Infinity+1 promotion.

Interview with A-Trak - Infinity+1 out today!

The Serato crew Interview our good friend A-Trak and also have some exclusive prizes up for grabs.

Exciting times at Whitelabel.net - A-Trak Vinyl Winners

Serato give away the very limited edition A-Trak vinyl for users of Whitelabel.net.