Fool's Gold Store Opening

Fool's Gold open a brand new store in Brooklyn, A-Trak chats about the new space and being an early Serato beta tester.

Back in June, our friends at Fool's Gold opened a brand new store in Brooklyn, full of all things label related; records, t-shirts, CDs, tote bags and artwork as well as exclusive Fool's Gold collaborations like FG-designed luxury laptop, iPad and digital camera Pijama cases. Rumours of Fool's Gold X AiAiAi headphones later this year might have me flying over there myself to pick some up!

New FG Store
New FG Store

It's hard to believe that Fool's Gold has only been around for four years. In such a short period of time, FG has solidified it's place as one of the most influential independent labels. It feels like just yesterday that this tune by Kid Cudi was posted up on and now look where he is. We can thank them for bringing the masses Kid Sister and Duck Sauce, and we'll most likely keep thanking them as they continue to introduce the world to amazing music.

Here's some footage from the opening of the Fool's Gold store with A-Trak chatting about the new space and being an eary beta tester for us:

Check out more footage and photos from the store opening over here at the Fool's Gold site.

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truestar 2:35 AM - 23 November, 2011
All I want to knw is why doesn't the jog wheels spin on the Vestax vci-300 ?????
I wish the spun like turntables. It's bad enough that technics are no longer in production now jog wheels that dnt spin. Please fix this problem. Real djs spin!!!!