Interview with A-Trak - Infinity+1 out today!

A-Trak's new mixtape, Infinity+1 is out today on Thrive records! Wooo! This mixtape "effortlessly melds A-Trak’s hip-hop, house and electro influences into a creative and highly melodic uptempo party-rocking set." Sounds pretty damn good to us.

Infinity+1 - Don't sleep!
Infinity+1 - Don't sleep!

After touring around the US to promote it these last couple of months, A-Trak managed to find some time to answer some questions for his friends at Serato (thanks!). Read on to see the whole interview plus a competition for copies of Infiinity+1 and Limited Edition Whitelabel Picture Discs at the end!

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Psyphris 2:53 AM - 1 April, 2009
That would be sick to get my hands on the Infinity+1 cd, I can't wait for the promo to finish downloading.
djphilly 3:03 AM - 1 April, 2009
the sampler sounds dope, win or lose.. can't wait to hear the whole cd
fu3kasl 3:45 AM - 1 April, 2009
a-trak puts out quality stuff. cant wait to take a listen.
DJ Grim 5:18 AM - 1 April, 2009
I heard it was sick cant wait
Dj Imfamous G 6:34 AM - 1 April, 2009
THis Mix will make em say "Whoa" lol
pluggedup 9:56 AM - 1 April, 2009
I still remember his babyface next to Q on old scratch videotapes...yeah....VIDEOTAPES. Props A-trak!
eighthwonder 3:00 PM - 1 April, 2009
Cool, thanks!
P DUB 5:55 PM - 1 April, 2009
Big ups to A-trak for the sampler, sick, will be koppin' the cd, and props to too!
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 9:58 PM - 1 April, 2009
Thanks fo' the download....mad props to A-Trak....

Been a fan for a minute....

Here's on of my favorites from him on vinyl.....

gesc1200 12:08 AM - 2 April, 2009
no doubt.. A-trak = creative quality
H12 9:42 AM - 2 April, 2009
Thumbs up! for a-trak
DJ Dub Cowboy 3:59 PM - 2 April, 2009
A-Trak has always been an inspiration to me and now he is to my three year old son. We watch the 15 year old champ on youtube and then go practice together.
Deejay Z 4:44 PM - 2 April, 2009
A-Trak is the shit, cant wait for this demo to finish downloading!!

I love following him on twitter too!!
Big Fresh 7:13 PM - 2 April, 2009
Cds are tight and he is always a crownd pleaser!
BERTO 7:44 PM - 2 April, 2009
sick mix
mrgr00v3 9:02 PM - 2 April, 2009
Skillzzzzzzzz....A-Trak is tha muthaF*%ka!
808 to the 801 11:44 AM - 4 April, 2009
this is money!
Jay Bizz 10:21 AM - 5 April, 2009
nuwave_afro 9:30 PM - 6 April, 2009
dope dope DOPE, cant wait to peep the mix. so cool that you guys are doing this.

p.s. nike CVs too? aww man - you shouldnt have. howd you know its my birthday? (this friday)
dj collar 6:34 AM - 8 April, 2009
Thanks for always keeping us in the loop and having great releases!! Can't wait to hear Infinity+1!!
Vin-G 7:40 AM - 8 April, 2009
its simply off the chin.
big props to a-track.
he is a genius.
dj_slackin 7:49 AM - 8 April, 2009
One of the best dj's around, watching him live is incredible if you are a fan of turntablism, and if not give him a listen and you'll become a fan!!!
foursixteen 2:09 AM - 9 April, 2009
wicked ... this will be hot!
Dudboy 2:34 AM - 9 April, 2009
infinty and beyond....... shweet as..!
Dj.Mojo 11:30 AM - 16 April, 2009
nice mix
djbroadway 5:27 PM - 18 April, 2009
Absolutely bitchin! Just dispicably nasty...UHH! Spinnin that ish tonight!
djbroadway 5:41 PM - 18 April, 2009
Truly an inspiration!! Da Trakster is a dam genius!!
Redi2roc 9:58 AM - 20 April, 2009
Great mix! Really BIG fan and Hes Canadian :) :P
DJ TMAQ 11:33 AM - 20 April, 2009
BERTO 9:33 PM - 25 April, 2009
i saw his album at fye already right up front hes gonna blow up like crazy in the coming months, good stuff