Now Available: Serato DJ 1.7.1

Support for the Akai Pro AMX is now available in Serato DJ 1.7.1

This unit is the first of its kind for Serato DJ. A fully supported Serato DJ controller and a DVS capable mixer with the purchase of our new DVS Expansion Pack. Its compact size makes it ideal for taking on the road, as a backup for your main gear, or a compact and modular controller setup alongside the Akai Pro AFX.

Unique features include touch sensitive EQ's kills and a touch sensitive combo HPF / LPF, that combines a loop roll with the filter sweep.

The AMX also comes standard with a curve-adjustable mini innoFADER™ crossfader which is incredibly smooth and makes for very tight cuts.

Check out local wizard, Che Kamikaze take the Akai Pro AMX for Serato DJ through its paces with the DVS Expansion Pack.

Akai Pro AMX Features

  • 2 Channel mixer / DJ controller with 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface for Serato DJ
  • Serato DJ Ready (plug and play) - no upgrade purchase required
  • 2 sets of phono/line inputs 
  • Inputs can also be used to route external audio sources into Serato DJ*
  • 9 touch-activated knobs for cutting-edge EQ kills and Filter sweeps
  • Pro-grade, adjustable mini innoFADER™ crossfader
  • Powered by a single USB connection

* Only possible with the Serato DVS Expansion Pack

For more information about the Akai Pro AMX and for pricing and where to buy, head to Akai Professional.

Serato DJ 1.7.1 also fixes these issues:

  • Unable to rename session names in History panel.
  • Sampler pad mode not working when switching from Hot Cues with Pioneer DDJ-SZ

This release is recommended for all users. Download Serato DJ 1.7.1 and update!