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DIY: Custom Akai Pro AMX Stand

Check out one of the best custom DIY jobs we've seen! At our last workshop series in Switzerland, Serato DJ user Dominik Efendi recently showed us his awesome custom case / riser for his Akai Pro AMX - complete with extra MIDI control built in! Take a look and watch a short video walkthrough.

Now Available: Serato DJ 1.7.1

Support for the Akai Pro AMX is now available with Serato DJ 1.7.1. The AMX is a fully supported Serato DJ controller and DVS capable mixer with the purchase of our new DVS Expansion Pack. Read on...

Introducing, Akai AMX and AFX for Serato DJ

Introducing, the first Akai products to be supported in Serato DJ, the AMX and AFX. These devices can be used together as a set, or in conjunction with our wide range of supported Serato DJ hardware - as well as turntables and CDJs! Read more about these brand new products…