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[FLAC] Cover Art display

H2H 12:54 PM - 8 August, 2013
Like Itch before him Serato DJ can't display cover art of FLAC files.
Favoring this file format as much as possible I think it's a shame.

Please Serato can you add it ?
H2H 10:05 AM - 16 August, 2013
I'm the only one who wants it ???
Matt P 8:30 PM - 26 February, 2014
hi H2H,

We have a few other people looking to have it implemented.

Matt P
Sounds By JB 12:33 PM - 27 February, 2014
Can we than start by fixing the FLAC support by being able to correctly read the INITIAL KEY tag. This bug is by now over a year old.
emkay 6:19 PM - 3 June, 2014
+1 for key tag and cover art in flac files!
Riko Roos 9:18 AM - 31 July, 2014

I also want correct readout of Initial Key and Cover Art.
jokerjoe 10:10 AM - 30 August, 2014

Also the label tags aren't working
H2H 9:26 AM - 10 November, 2014
UP, to remember !
serkan 8:11 PM - 11 November, 2014
As far as I remember there is no "initial key" tag in Vorbis Comments, right?
Name already taken 4:53 AM - 27 March, 2015
I thought they had fixed the key problem in the new beta but I guess I was mistaken and it just looks like it is saved when you add it in serato. Bummer.....
Name already taken 4:52 PM - 6 October, 2015
It looks like the new pioneer software has proper Flac support. And will have timecode support. I'm tired of waiting for 3 years for Serato to make Flac work properly.............
Name already taken 4:33 PM - 27 October, 2017
Still doesn't work...............
Name already taken 4:33 PM - 27 October, 2017
5 years later....