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[FLAC] Cover Art display

H2H 12:54 PM - 8 August, 2013
Like Itch before him Serato DJ can't display cover art of FLAC files.
Favoring this file format as much as possible I think it's a shame.

Please Serato can you add it ?
H2H 10:05 AM - 16 August, 2013
I'm the only one who wants it ???
Matt P 8:30 PM - 26 February, 2014
hi H2H,

We have a few other people looking to have it implemented.

Matt P
Sounds By JB 12:33 PM - 27 February, 2014
Can we than start by fixing the FLAC support by being able to correctly read the INITIAL KEY tag. This bug is by now over a year old.
emkay 6:19 PM - 3 June, 2014
+1 for key tag and cover art in flac files!
Riko Roos 9:18 AM - 31 July, 2014

I also want correct readout of Initial Key and Cover Art.
jokerjoe 10:10 AM - 30 August, 2014

Also the label tags aren't working
H2H 9:26 AM - 10 November, 2014
UP, to remember !
serkan 8:11 PM - 11 November, 2014
As far as I remember there is no "initial key" tag in Vorbis Comments, right?
Name already taken 4:53 AM - 27 March, 2015
I thought they had fixed the key problem in the new beta but I guess I was mistaken and it just looks like it is saved when you add it in serato. Bummer.....
Name already taken 4:52 PM - 6 October, 2015
It looks like the new pioneer software has proper Flac support. And will have timecode support. I'm tired of waiting for 3 years for Serato to make Flac work properly.............
Name already taken 4:33 PM - 27 October, 2017
Still doesn't work...............
Name already taken 4:33 PM - 27 October, 2017
5 years later....
Name already taken 6:35 PM - 15 November, 2018
Hi, I started another thread related to this. Please check it out. Any constructive input you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(hopefully someday serato Flac will work properly, but until then maybe we can combine our knowledge to best work around these issues)

Link to thread -