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What's new in Scratch Live 2.1.1?

  • Ultra Knob effects for 1 Knob performance control of advanced effects.
  • 32 new Ultra Knob effects and 28 new Super Knob effects including "Echo Out" and "1 Knob HP/LP Filter".
  • Plug and Play support for the Novation Dicer Scratch Live controller.
  • Full integration with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 in "Advanced HID Mode" including library navigation, album art, overview display, and responsive platter control.
  • Support for The Bridge*, which allows DJs to playback Ableton Live sets through Scratch Live, trigger clips within Scratch Live from the Ableton Player and record mixtapes as a multi-track Ableton file.

Read more about The Bridge.

*The Bridge is free for anyone who owns

  • Serato Scratch Live compatible hardware, and
  • A registered version of Ableton Live 8.

Known Issue for Video-SL users:
Certain MP4 files have been known to cause stability problems with Scratch Live 2.1.1.  If you are playing MP4 video files, we recommend using Scratch Live 2.0 with Video-SL until Scratch Live 2.2 is released. Scratch Live 2.0 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for Scratch Live 2.1.1.

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Version: Scratch Live 2.1.1
Platform: Win