The Bridge

Bridging the gap between
DJing and music production

Bridging the Gap.

The Bridge brings Serato Scratch Live 2.1.1+ and Ableton Live/Suite 8.2 together in harmony.

Record your performance as an Ableton Live set and then edit, enhance and polish your mix.

See what a typical
set up looks like

What is The Bridge?

Ableton and Serato join forces to create the ultimate live DJing tool.

Reactions to The Bridge

We asked some Ableton and Serato artists for feedback on The Bridge.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

"The mixtape feature was probably the best thing I've ever seen... For DJs who don't make beats yet, that turns into 'hey, I can make beats in here too.' For the guys who are beatmakers already as well as DJs, it's great because it's almost like you're DJing with multitracks. People are going to get really creative, I know my brain is working already, there's stuff that I'm going to do that I choose not to disclose right now because it's top secret."


"My initial reaction? I was absolutely elated. As with most DJs that are Ableton friendly, a lot of us have been utilizing Ableton's warping to quantize and straighten out records that otherwise fluctuate. Now that we have the opportunity to play with the actual files... and use them in DJ gigs and live shows, the possibilities are absolutely 100% endless. Being as I just saw [The Bridge], my mind is racing with endless ideas..."

Kenny Dope

"Seeing where Ableton is at, this state of technology, and all the stuff that's in there, and thinking about Ableton and Serato together is mind boggling. I know there's a lot of stuff that can happen... we're all producers, we're all DJs, your mind starts to wonder what's coming. Everybody's gonna get excited."


"There's really becoming less and less of a difference between a DJ set, and what people call a Live PA. For me, performing live has been an 8-piece-band. And a lot of the guys I came up with in Detroit, their live sets were running MPCs and synths, and I never really did that so much by myself. But with this innovation, and as well as the introduction of the APC 40, I'm going to jump head first into this. I love my band, but you can't really beat having it all compact right there in front of you."

Hudson Mohawke

"To see the two things working together is an immediate step forward. Definitely for the DJs, it's a big step. Now I can focus on more of the creative side than just getting things in time."

Magik Johnson

"Anyone who is a producer and a DJ, I think, there's no reason why they all wouldn't be using it, it just makes total sense really. You can make it as easy as you want, you know, just use Ableton as a way of throwing samples or loops in. Or you can be creating tracks as you go, it's kind of endless really what you can do with it. There's nothing really that's combined producing and DJing like what I've just seen."