Recent Updates to Serato DJ

What's new in Serato DJ? If you've missed the last few updates, here's a quick summary of the latest developments and reasons you should update.

It's been almost a year between the release of Serato DJ 1.7.0 and the latest update, Serato DJ 1.7.7. Here's what's changed since then.

New Features

  • Beat Jumpinstantly jump forward or backwards in your track by a pre-determined amount, perfectly in time.
  • International Language Support - Serato DJ is translated now into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Master Video Effectsapply video FX to the master video output as well as per channel
  • MIDI Panelmap features in Serato DJ without on-screen controls
  • AM Modehide the track details in the virtual deck from potential sniping playlist poachers.
  • Sticker Lockalign a sticker on your Serato Control Vinyl to a cue point or the start of your track and know exactly where that cue or the start will be without having to look at the waveform! 
  • MP3+G (Karaoke Support) - everyone secretly loves Karaoke.
  • MIDI Output Lighting take advantage of the lighting on your secondary MIDI device.
  • EQ Colored Waveformschange the waveform colors in Serato DJ to reflect your EQ changes.
  • Chronological Cue Points automatically sort cues chronologically and you can re-arrange your cues by dragging and dropping.

For detailed explanations of new features and walkthroughs, check out these articles and learn more.

New Expansion Packs

Serato Flip

Serato Flip enables you to create custom edits, extend and reimagine your music. This is possible by recording your cue point and censor actions / automation, which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start an instant.

Learn more about Serato Flip and how you can use it to take control of your music.

Serato DVS Expansion Pack

Controllers able to take advantage of the DVS Expansion Pack are known as "DVS upgrade ready" devices, while hardware that supports DVS natively are called "DVS ready". These controllers support DVS with the expansion pack:

  • Numark NS7II
  • Numark NS7III
  • Denon DJ MC6000MKII
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
  • Numark N4

Serato Club Kit License Bundle

The Serato DJ Club Kit is a license bundle consisting of a Serato DJ + DVS license and allows you to use club standard mixers from our hardware partners, Pioneer, Allen & Heath and Rane. Connect directly to these mixers without the need for an external interface.

The Pioneer DJM900NXS, DJM-850, Allen & Heath Xone DB2 / DB4 / 43C, Rane MP2015 are all supported in Serato DJ with the Club Kit.

Learn more about the Serato DJ Club Kit here.

Stability and Performance Improvements

As always, each update has added important performance improvements, bug fixes and other changes. We recommend being on the latest update for best performance.

You can read a full list of all of these in the release notes for each release here.

New Hardware Support

  • Numark NV
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2
  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3
  • Akai Pro AMX
  • Korg KAOSS DJ
  • Pioneer XDJ-1000 (HID Mode)
  • Rane TTM57mkII
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 (Club Kit)
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 (Club Kit)
  • Allen & Heath Xone:43C (Club Kit)
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS (Club Kit)
  • Pioneer DJM-850 (Club Kit)
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
  • Hercules DJControl Jogvision
  • Allen & Heath Xone:K1 (Official Serato Accessory)
  • Denon DJ DS-1
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB2
  • Numark NS7III
  • Numark NS7II Display
  • Denon DJ MC4000
  • Rane MP2015 (Club Kit)
  • Akai Pro AFX
  • Reloop Neon (Official Serato Accessory)
  • Numark NDX500 (Official Serato Accessory)

For more info on Serato DJ hardware and specs, visit the Serato DJ Hardware Page.