Learn: Cue Point Sorting

With Serato DJ 1.7 you now have more flexibility with the way your cue points are sorted. There's a setup screen option to automatically sort cues chronologically and you can re-arrange your cues by dragging and dropping.

Serato DJ 1.7 is now available for download.

Sort Cues Chronologically

You can find this option in the setup screen within the DJ preferences tab. When enabled, it will automatically sort your cue points in chronological order i.e. if you set a cue point in the 3rd slot but it's actually at the start of the track, this cue will be moved to the first slot (unless there are cue points that are before this).

This is a really helpful feature so you always know where in your track your cue points are located, quickly and easily.

Re-Arrange Cues

You can also drag and drop your Cue Points within the cue area in Serato DJ 1.7. This allows you to manually choose which slots your cue points sit in. 

If you have any problems or need any technical support, please visit the Serato Support area to open a help request and speak with our team.