What’s new in Serato DJ 1.5

Serato DJ 1.5 is now available! The biggest news is probably support for Serato Control Vinyl / CDJ control with the new Serato DJ DVS hardware but there’s a lot more supported in this release too, along with a couple of extra treats for everyone. As well as all this, there’s the usual dose of maintenance and fixes to ensure stability and performance.

Support for existing Rane hardware and the last three ITCH and Serato DJ Intro controllers is forthcoming.

Read on and take a look at what’s new in Serato DJ 1.5, available to download now.

Feature updates

Brand new to Serato DJ is support for DVS technology. With the Rane Sixty-Four & Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixers, you can now use Serato DJ in conjunction with turntables & CDJs. If you’re coming from Scratch Live, you’ll find the familiar control modes, Absolute, Relative and Internal.

We received a lot of user feedback about the played track colour in Serato DJ. Some of you loved it, some of you hated it. We’ve added a new option in the setup screen now so you can choose the current grey, or a hot neon blue colour to see what's played in your library.

You can now use Simple Sync and have the added option to snap to Beatgrids. This is great if you want to use the advanced features of Serato DJ such as the Slicer. 

New hardware supporting DVS in Serato DJ:

- Rane Sixty-Four

- Pioneer DJM-900SRT

New all-in-one DJ controllers supported in Serato DJ:

- Numark NS7 II

- Pioneer DDJ-SR

New Serato DJ Official Serato Accessories

- Pioneer DDJ-SP1

- Pioneer CDJ-2000

- Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

- Novation Dicers

To see the full release notes and get the latest update, head to the Serato DJ download page.