NEW to Serato DJ 1.2.1!

Serato DJ 1.2.1 was released today, introducing support for our brand new App for iPad®, Serato Remote.

Also included in Serato DJ 1.2.1 is support for the Numark N4 and Vestax Typhoon, content for the SP-6 with 24 Free Loopmasters samples, and a dose of bug fixes for continued stability and performance. You can view all the bug fixes in the DJ 1.2.1 Release Notes.


Serato Remote is designed to compliment your existing Serato DJ setup and will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported Serato DJ hardware.

Serato Remote lets you see and perform all of your favorite Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop. Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples. Load tracks and manipulate FX in ways that weren’t previously possible. See Serato’s famous Virtual Decks and Track Overviews so you can focus on the crowd and free yourself from your laptop. 

Have control at your finger tips and enhance your Serato DJ performance. Serato Remote can be connected wirelessly freeing you to move around the stage or connected over USB for ultra low latency.

Serato Remote is available now from the App Storeā„  for USD19.99. 

To watch Rui from Serato use Serato Remote, and for more information visit

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Users of the Numark N4 and Vestax Typhoon can now upgrade to Serato DJ with a paid upgrade Serato DJ license for $129USD, or alternatively N4 and Typhoon users can now also activate the Free 14 Day Trial and unlock the fully functional software. Just download Serato DJ 1.2.1, activate the trial in-app and you’re away!

In-App Free Trial Activation Button: 

This update unlocks the full arsenal of features Serato DJ has to offer for the N4 and Typhoon users, including new FX powered by iZotope, Multi FX mode, more Cue Points, Recording, MIDI Mapping and much more.
Numark N4 - Now supported in Serato DJ 1.2.1.
Vestax Typhoon - Now supported in Serato DJ 1.2.1.


We've also teamed up with our pals at Loopmasters to pull a range of samples from their immense and high quality catalogue of sound-wares. Free to you when you download Serato DJ 1.2.1.

This is a great chance for you to take advantage of the SP-6 (sample player) if you haven't had the samples to do so in the past. 

The Loopmasters sample content is really simple to install, just follow the steps in the Loopmasters blog post to get all the details.

Comments (6)

Remco 5:58 PM - 15 July, 2013
Great to see development progressing on Serato DJ and even introducing a new iPad App, but what about support for the popular Novation Twitch. Website says summer 2013, which it is right now!
Ion Georgescu 8:08 AM - 16 July, 2013
Great to see development progressing on Serato DJ and even introducing a new iPad App, but what about support for the popular Novation Twitch. Website says summer 2013, which it is right now!

true that!
darrendouthwaite 8:19 PM - 21 July, 2013
having issues with my ddjsx and mac since the update, cpu usage shoots to 179% upon connection of ddjsx, no tracks loaded nothing playing just plugged in and idle :( even reverted to an old version of software still exists
magfox131 5:11 AM - 22 July, 2013
Dear Serato,
Vestax Typhoon is cheaper controller how come they comes 1st supported from SERATO DJ, We thought the VCI300 is the priority to have support on SERATO DJ, and Summer is almost over.. wheres my Free Upgrade Please Thanks..
AldoMorro 2:48 PM - 22 October, 2013
well, it's not free update for Vestax users.. I'd like to try Serato DJ with Typhoon, but only for fun, but somehow don't feel like paying 150$ after using serato products for years now (SL1, 3, 4, ttm57, SL Video). Using Serato DJ with ddj-sx. It would be great if we could get some loyalty upgrades.
ewud 12:06 AM - 16 November, 2013
Does this work with SL1 the Serato DJ 1.2.1