FREE Loopmasters Sample Content

We've teamed up with our pals at Loopmasters to pull a range of samples from their immense and high quality catalogue of sound-wares. Free to you when you download Scratch Live 2.5 or Serato DJ 1.2.1.

This is a great chance for you to take advantage of the SP-6 (sample player) if you haven't had the samples to do so in the past. 

They're super simple to get, just follow the instructions below. 

1) Visit

2) Download either the Serato DJ 1.2.1 or Scratch Live 2.5 downloads packages.

4) Unzip the file when it has completed downloading.

5) Run the Serato DJ 1.2.1 or Scratch Live 2.5 installer.

6) Run the Loopmasters Sample Installer.

7) Open Serato DJ or Scratch Live and you will see the sample content in your library as a crate.

NOTE: If you are using Mac OS X 10.6.8, please download the Loopmasters Sample Content here.

Samples loaded in Scratch Live Library

Samples loaded in Serato DJ Library

Each sample category will have 6 different samples.


  • 808 Clap
  • 808 Kick
  • 808 Rim
  • 808 Snare
  • 808 CL Hat
  • 808 OP Hat


  • Subdrop
  • Airhorn
  • Lazer
  • Gunshot
  • Spinback
  • Siren


  • Shaker Loop
  • Kick Loop
  • Percussion Loop
  • Tom Loop
  • Tribal Loop
  • Hihat Loop


  • Sweep Down
  • Atmos
  • White Noise
  • Sweep Up
  • Bleeps
  • Spaceship

As an added bonus, Loopmasters have also offered a 20% discount on your first purchase from the Loopmasters site.  So go and check them out if you want to get more samples and a 20% discount with this promo code - SRT020