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Issue not solved/post deleted

shiama 9:42 AM - 20 August, 2008

a couple of months ago I v start a new post related to recurrent crashes of PT pro.
I have sent you the error list and we have been exchanging few messages.
The issue was not clarified still but the post has been deleted.
I would like to know why it was canceled.
Nothing serious but I was a bit disappointed cauz the issue was not really solved and maybe someone could have helped me. Usually I v noticed that all posts stay on the site for years !!
Tanx for your help
dave 12:32 AM - 21 August, 2008
Do you mean this post?


We moved it to our Help area, so that our support team can track it better.

We're still looking into your issue. Its a difficult issue that we haven't been able to reproduce.
shiama 2:20 PM - 29 August, 2008
ok all clear now ...tanx a lot