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How to get the absolutely BEST results.

savage1 7:06 PM - 23 July, 2007
Hi guys, I have a question - It has two parts: I need my results to be the best possible.

1.) Is there a difference between the algorithm in Pitch 'n Time LE (Logic) and the one used in Pitch 'n Time Pro (PT Version). In other words if I need the ultimate results should I do the conversion on my friends HD rig or should I use LE on my Logic rig?

2.) For the best results should I time stretch each audio file in my session or should I stretch the stereo mix? (Does stretching Globally or Individually give the best results?) Are there artifacts that will build up if I stretch each seperate audio file in my session? If I stretch the stereo mix, should I stretch before or after dithering? Mastering?
dave 10:38 PM - 23 July, 2007
Hi savage1.

LE is exactly the same as algorithm A in Pro.

For question 2 here's some advice from our resident expert: serato.com

Let us know how you get on.