Serato Studio Release Notes

21 April, 2024

Serato Studio 2.2.0

New Song View Features

  • Deck MIDI information now displays in Scene Clips.
  • Scene Clips can now be resized, truncated and split by ; Dragging the Clip start/end points, Right-clicking and selecting 'Split to New Clip' (or CMND + E), or Dragging Clips on top of each other.
  • Song View can be zoomed with the Mac Trackpad 'pinch' gesture or by holding the CMND key and using a mouse scroll wheel.
  • The Song View anchor can now be set at any currently visible Song View Grid position, rather than limited to 1 beat increments.


  • Fixed an issue where starting arrangement playback part way through a scene doesn't pick up automation.
  • Fixed an issue where when sending a licensing request to a Serato server.
  • Fixed an issue where a logged-in user has a combination of expired and valid licenses, and the license server has a problem, SDJ accidentally deletes the user's licenses.
  • Progress is now displayed when rescanning file information.
  • Audio Clips in Song View are no longer greyed out at very small lengths.
  • Fixed an issue with Error Code #7 on Mac, which prevented some licences from being activated. 

Serato Studio 2.2.0

1.40 GB - includes Core Pack


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