Serato Studio Release Notes

9 May, 2023

Serato Studio 2.0.3


  • 'Export to Serato Visualizer' option added to the 'Files' menu.
  • Moving or copying audio files within the Files tab now also moves or copies the associated prepared Stems file
  • Third party plugins unable to be loaded natively on Apple Silicon machines now display a missing icon so they are more easily identified
  • When an audio file is removed from the library the prepared stems are removed along with it
  • Fixed an issue where supported Roland DJ controller mappings don’t work
  • Fixed an issue where stopping Song View Playback doesn't stop Audio Deck Cue Points
  • Fixed an issue where stems weren't preparing in front of the playhead when Vocal stems were turned off
  • Fixed a compatibility issue where two projects using different Stem versions of the same track were not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Automation View was taking a long time to display when used with Plugins containing a large number of parameters

Serato Studio 2.0.3

1.40 GB - includes Core Pack


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