Serato Studio Release Notes

14 February, 2023

Serato Studio 2.0.1


  • Stems are prepared whenever ‘Save Project With Samples’ is used
  • Fixed an issue where the FX Sub menu does not display correctly when there is not enough space at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where editing a crate name and then clicking the file area doesn't save the edited text changes
  • Fixed an issue where the size of icon in the title bar on the notification were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where when double clicking to edit the name of a crate, the textbox is displayed in wrong position if the tree view was expanded prior
  • Fixed an issue where after entering edit mode for the text field on a Scene Tab, pressing return does not confirm edit
  • Fixed an issue where window dividers don't reset to default position with double click
  • Fixed an issue where an unsynced audio deck BPM does not update with project BPM change
  • Fixed an issue where the Master track turns grey every time project BPM is adjusted
  • Fixed an issue where an audio Clip is not playing back from the correct cue position when placed on the Song View timeline if Audio Track has been duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where "Clips deriving from the same Audio Deck on the Song View timeline fail to update their playback speed and pitch on duplicated Audio Tracks
  • Fixed an issue where Redo of Audio Deck loading following undo results in no waveform displayed

Serato Studio 2.0.1

1.47 GB - includes Core Pack


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