Serato Studio Release Notes

18 January, 2023

Serato Studio 2.0.0

New features

Serato Stems
  • Real-time Vocal, Melody, Bass and Drum audio separation is now available in both the Sample and Audio Decks
  • Sample/Audio Deck waveforms dynamically update to reflect Stem state
  • A Serato Stem file will be saved next to the original audio location on disk when a project using Stems is saved
  • Stems can be soloed using Shift + clicking on the stems button you wish to solo
Serato Visualiser
  • Serato Visualiser is the new, free, audio-visual content tool designed to create visuals for producers on social media
  • Serato Visualiser can be accessed via the new Serato Studio 'Export' button on the main screen, or directly at
Guest Pass
  • Serato Studio users can now gift free months of Serato Studio to friends, and will receive a free month in return once redeemed by two friends
  • Guest Pass can be accessed on the Studio Welcome Screen, the Studio My Account dropdown or directly on their account profile :
Other Changes
  • Added new 'Export' button to the main header bar of the app
  • Fixed an issue where restoring Mac from sleep state results in lack of audio
  • Fixed an issue where you are unable to move a Clip on the Song View after splitting a Clip using Keyboard Shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where FLAC and OGG files never successfully load
  • Fixed an issue where there is a jitter between waveform and beatgrid
  • Fixed an issue where Guitar Rig plugin window is shown empty and very small
  • Fixed an issue where Studio may sometimes activate the wrong license, for an account with multiple licenses
  • Fixed an issue where Studio hangs when switching to a new blank project while audio is playing from the current project
  • Fixed an issue where when a Deck or Scene is duplicated existing Scene Player waveform was not duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where Quantize dropdown items no longer fit the text

Serato Studio 2.0.0

1.47 GB - includes Core Pack


Don’t need the free sounds? Download installer only