Serato Studio Release Notes

20 July, 2022

Serato Studio 1.7.3

New Features

  • Drums Deck Keyboard Mode. Enable to move individual drum notes off grid, or change the pitch.


  • Fixed an issue where the root note does not align to the bottom of Sequencer View when Project Key is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where notes out of key aren’t visible until Sequencer View is refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where recording automation for default Drum Deck Pad is broken until a new Deck is created and Deck selection is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where notes on Pad 1 of selected Sample Deck stop playing when another Deck is selected.

Note: Changes made for Drums Deck Keyboard Mode means that patterns/projects using Drums Decks will not open in older versions of Studio.

Version: Serato Studio 1.7.3
Size: 1.13 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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