Serato Studio Release Notes

13 April, 2022

Serato Studio 1.7.0

New features

  • 16 Pads are now available for Drum, Sample and Instrument Decks.
    • Drum/Sample Deck Pads are triggered in a 4x4 grid using keyboard shortcuts 1-4, Q-R, A-F and Z,V respectively
    • Instrument Deck Pads are triggered in a piano layout by keyboard shortcuts AWSD(...)
    • Drum Deck Pads now use waveform frequency to colour pads

    • Pads 9-16 can be accessed on Serato DJ hardware by pressing the Pad Parameter buttons to change focus
    • Core Pack has been updated to include new 16 Pad Drum Kits. All other Sound Packs can be reinstalled to gain access to new 16 Pad Drum Kits also
  • New Mixer view added. Click the 'Mix' button in the header bar to access
  • New 'Reverse Pad Order' Setup screen option added. When enabled Pad 1 starts at bottom left - this allows MIDI Hardware with 4x4 Pads to align with the Deck Pads correctly
  • New 'Show Shortcut Keys' option added to the Help dropdown menu which displays all Serato Studio keyboard shortcuts
  • Added a new Default Drum Kit when opening a new project, as well as new default Drum Kits for all genre templates
  • New 'Drill' genre added ; including new Drill genre template, Make Drum patterns and Drum Kits
  • New option when in Play In Key mode to toggle keyboard shortcuts so they use a 4x4 Pad Shortcut Key layout instead of the default Piano layout. When in this mode < and > change octaves

Other Changes

  • Improvements to scrolling the Deck List and Deck Sequencer
  • Ability to see in library when an audio asset has an associated video
  • Use the Bank A/B button on the AKAI MPK Mini mk3 to toggle between Pads 1-8, and 9-16 

  • Added support for new AKAI MPK Mini mk3 variants to control Serato Studio
  • The replace cue shortcut has been updated. It was previously CMD/Control + Deck Pad shortcut, it is now 'Alt' + Deck Pad shortcut
  • Play In Key state will display the musical note that will be played from each Deck Pad
  • Fixed an issue where parameter automation options are available for audio deck controls that are not automatable
  • Fixed an issue where pad press animation is not shown on first press after moving the pad
  • Fixed a potential crash when copy and dragging scene clips over each other
  • Fixed an issue where loading a project containing a sample without a beatgrid in an unsynced source deck can result in project sounding different
  • Fixed an issue where sequencer pads on Instrument and Sample Decks (in Keyboard mode) don't animate when clicked
  • Fixed an issue where the velocity label is not showing for Instrument Decks
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong deck pad animations are shown when using MIDI controller with Instrument deck and Sample Deck Play in Key
  • Fixed an issue where relocating a missing file for an audio track doesn't update the clip
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a Note out of the Sequencer View does not auto scroll
  • Fixed an issue where the scene decks Collapse button is a couple of pixels off on first use
  • Fixed an issue where the Mixer View FX panel for double FX units (Deck/Pad) has 8px centre spacing instead of 16px
  • Fixed an issue where the Help Text for Instrument Deck Pads mentions 'Replace Cue' which does not apply for an Instrument Deck

Version: Serato Studio 1.7.0
Size: 1.09 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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