Serato Studio Release Notes

9 February, 2022

Serato Studio 1.6.8

New features

  • Ability to make Song View full height.
  • Decibel level is now visible when adjusting the channel fader

Other Changes

  • Pad Mixer Strip and FX Unit remains visible when Deck View is collapsed to show full Sequencer
  • Increased minimum supported OSX to 10.15. OSX 10.14 and below will not be able to run the Studio installer
  • 'Mix' button removed from application header. Mixer Strips are now persistent
  • Added text labels for all collapsed views
  • Fixed an issue where selecting 'Show Automation' from the context menu does not show automation for the parameter
  • Fixed a possible crash when loading a project
  • Fixed an issue where dragging automation lines out of view causes auto scroll to turn off
  • Fixed a possible crash when dragging a file marked as 'missing' or 'problematic/corrupted' to the song view
  • Fixed an issue where Pad FX header in sample deck not showing label
  • Fixed an issue where the Sample Pad Level Meter locks up when 'lots' of MIDI notes are triggered with an external keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where undoing removing a plugin (instrument or effect) does not restore parameter automation
  • Fixed an issue where products can consume extra activations if disks enumerate in different orders
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect start/end points occur after pasting clips over existing audio clips
  • Improvements to Automation in Song View which separates the padding at the bottom of the Master View from the scroll bar.
  • Quantize and Metronome buttons shifted to the right of the logo

Version: Serato Studio 1.6.8
Size: 1.06 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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