Serato Studio Release Notes

13 October, 2020

Serato Studio 1.6.4

New features

  • Ability to curve line automation. Alt/Option + Click Drag a line segment to curve it.
  • Ability to import .Mid/.Midi files into the library

Other Changes

  • Access device Input Setup via the Record Input Channel Selection dropdown in Song View
  • Performance Improvements with Deck interactions and Project Loading.
  • Decks nows always trigger the same pads when using the computer keyboard
  • Read and write to .mid and .midi file metadata via the library
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to halve or double the BPM for a single asset in the library
  • Duplicate and move audio clips with improved speed/performance
  • Use left and right arrow keyboard shortcuts to expand/collapse crates in the library
  • Automation dropdown menu in the Scene Player now contains sub-menus
  • Added ability to resize the number column in the library
  • The Mixer label now displays the Pad name for Audio Track pads
  • Fixed an issue where Beat Grid edit metronome doesn't play on Audio Tracks
  • Fixed an issue where clear highlighted selection with left or right arrow not handled correctly when cursor is at the end of the text in Library
  • Fixed an issue where project metadata is lost when saving the project
  • Fixed a possible crash when shutting down the library
  • Fixed an issue where Mute and Solo buttons disappear from track sidebar when recording
  • Fixed an issue where the Instrument sample eventually stops looping correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Clips for long audio recordings are truncated at around 5 mins
  • Fixed an issue where the song anchor is not updated when duplicating clips
  • Fixed an issue with a stuck note occurring when enabling recording with overdub off part way through a note
  • Fixed an issue where library scroll wheel not working correctly in the crate tree after changing library zoom level
  • Fixed an issue where existing text couldn't be edited for song name on project files and newly missing or 'corrupted' files in the library
  • Fixed an issue where Denon MCX8000 doesn't work with Mac driver installed
  • Fixed an issue where clicking in track empty space does not deselect clips on mouse down
  • Fixed an issue where an unwanted purple border is displayed on Audio Track sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where parameter changes made to Sample Deck or Audio Deck Pads are only processed on Playback
  • Fixed an issue where the Master and Scene track level meters remain at zero and do not move with the sound produced

Version: Serato Studio 1.6.4
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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