Serato Studio Release Notes

18 August, 2021

Serato Studio 1.6.2

New features

  • Secondary Library Sorting
    • Studio reads secondary sorting preferences from Serato DJ (but not the other way around)
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Click on a second library column to assign column as secondary sort
  • Audio Track workflow improvements
    • When you select an Audio Track Clip, the Clip start and end point will now appear in the wavefrom overview in the top of your Audio Deck
  • Auto-scroll for Audio Clips
    • You can now auto-scroll vertically when dragging an Audio Clip up and down in the Song View

Other Changes

  • Library crate and status icons now scale when library text size is adjusted
  • Improvements to loading projects with multiple large instruments
  • Improvement to BPM sorting in library
  • Fixed an issue where a tone can occur when scrubbing/scratching through audio files or samples on lower sample rate files
  • Fixed a possible crash when recording audio to disk
  • Fixed an issue where Scene Clips can be moved off beat
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Clip playback doesn’t continue after changing audio settings
  • Fixed an issue where after editing crate text, scrolling behaves strangely
  • Fixed an issue with an audible click on trigger mode cue release with filter applied
  • Fixed a performance issue after changing font size via keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where while recording you sometimes can't hear what is being played
  • Fixed an issue with a possible crash on shutdown with a MIDI device connected
  • Fixed an issue where drop zone indicator is displayed when dragging an FX to a pad of an Audio Deck
  • Fixed an issue where resizing an Audio Clip in snap mode snaps slightly to the left of the beat grid
  • Fixed an issue where the initial Audio Clip is not added to the Audio Track after selecting a clip while it's still loading
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio Clip drop area is not visible upon dragging asset to arrangement that has not been analysed before
  • Fixed an issue where Song View Clip selection was not saved to project and restored on project load
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Clip nudging does not work when dragging a Pad in front of Audio Clips that are 'selected' in the Song View
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio Clip displayed in the Audio Deck View is still visible after moving it to a different track
  • Fixed an issue where you could not drag an audio file into the Song View after starting a new project, then loading and unloading an Audio Clip via undo
  • Fixed an issue where project loads in Audio Deck view instead of Scene Player view when a project has an Audio Deck
  • Fixed an issue where the Hardware Left Deck Censor control sets incorrect Reverse state with multiple items selected
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio Deck Pad water mark not disappearing following mouse click in other areas of the app
  • Fixed an issue where replacing an Audio Deck while recording results in all deck parameters becoming automated
  • Fixed an issue where loading mp4s to an Audio Track or Sample Deck, then saving the project, overwrites the 'Added' metadata in Studio & Serato DJ libraries
  • Fixed an issue where non-latin characters in the COMPUTER NAME results in activation failing (Windows only)
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair cursor style is not displayed on mousing over empty space in the Song View
  • Fixed an issue where undoing Audio Recording would not behave properly
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after changing Library font zoom levels, you can't select assets and the scroll bar behaves incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where not all licensing notification cards have their minimised state retained when a new project is created
  • Fixed an issue where there is a stuck note and loss of focus on keyboard trigger of a Sample Deck Pad with an open plugin effect
  • Fixed an issue where Song Anchor jumps to incorrect location on collapsing a Clip selection to a Scene Clip
  • Fixed an issue where Song View selection rectangle inverts when mouse pointer is at timeline origin
  • Fixed an issue where Ogg files that had metadata written in older Serato DJ versions are unable to be played in new versions
  • Fixed an issue where undoing an action that places multiple Clips moves Song Anchor where it should not be
  • Fixed an issue where notes recorded with quantize off can be dragged to negative position from where it won't play back

Version: Serato Studio 1.6.2
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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