Serato Studio Release Notes

21 July, 2021

Serato Studio 1.6

New features

  • Recording - Serato Studio now supports recording in Audio Tracks.
  • Audio Track Improvements and changes
    • Removed the 1-1 relationship between Audio Pads and Clips. After a Clip is created from a Pad they can now be edited completely independently of each other.
    • Added ability to move Audio Clips on to any Audio Track
    • Added ability to adjust Clip start position on Audio Track
    • Added ability to drop Clips on top of other Clips and have them truncate rather than replace
    • Added ability to delete Pads and maintain their corresponding Audio Clips
    • All Clips from a Source Deck now share same Colour
    • Added ability to adjust parameters of each Audio Clip independently - as opposed to adjusting the parent 'Pad' parameter and this affecting all children Clips.
    • Splitting a Clip in Song View no longer creates a new Pad on the Audio Deck
    • Removed Pad/Clip specific FX Slots, and now have 6 Audio Track level FX slots instead of 3.

    Note : Project Migration : Projects made prior to Studio 1.5.8 that include Audio Track Pad Level FX will have each Pad with an effect split out into a new dedicated Audio Track to maintain sound of original project. A modal message will appear when opening a project in this scenario.

  • Serato Virtual Audio Driver - Replaced third party Virtual Audio Driver (iShowU) on Mac with Serato's own virtual audio driver. Install prompt when 'Make Audio Available to Other Applications' is enabled for the first time.

Other Changes

  • Fixed issue where changing Clip Reverse wasn't updating playing Audio Clips
  • Fixed a crash when changing pads during line mode edit
  • Fixed an issue where exporting stems fails if a deck has reserved path characters in its name (i.e '/')
  • Fixed a possible crash when retrieving metadata from a file
  • Fixed a possible crash when loading a project
  • Fixed an issue where there is a severe audio glitch on heavy drop out (loading plug in, CPU load step up)
  • Fixed an issue where overlapped clips appear beneath the clip on top
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Clip tempo when Clip is reversed is broken
  • Fixed an issue where the lower quality resampler is being used for audio output
  • Fixed an issue where loading files under 3khz sample rate to sample decks or audio tracks fails to load properly and causes all future files (of any sample rate) to fail to load to sample decks or audio tracks
  • Fixed an issue where .mid files not being marked as read-only when they are
  • Fixed an issue where Project key & BPM can be set after deck load with multiple melodic decks when analysis is cancelled via undo
  • Fixed an issue where in the New Library DJ and Studio, crate names with text that contain new lines are not displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an Audio Clip moves Song View location to start of Audio Clip
  • Fixed an issue where there was no audio input using UAD Apollo Quad 2
  • Fixed an issue where the recorded clip length is shorter than the time the Audio Track is recorded for
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Live Streaming doesn't change the application mode to Performance
  • Fixed an issue where the library colour picker column is in the far left, it pops open whenever an asset is dragged and dropped in
  • the deck
  • Fixed a possible crash after dropping multiple folders as new crates in Big Sur and Catalina
  • Fixed a possible crash when resampling audio within sampler node

Version: Serato Studio 1.6.0
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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