Serato Studio Release Notes

10 February, 2021

Serato Studio 1.5.5

New features

  • New progress notification displays when loading large instruments

Other Features

  • All Video and All Audio crates can now have custom crate columns
  • Changes can be made to the global DJ library tab columns and they persist across session
  • Each column per iTunes Playlist can be customised
  • The DJ tab of Studio now has customisable columns per crate which can also be migrated.
  • When copying or moving a file, its associated XML metadata location is updated
  • Fixed an issue where deck list view becomes incorrect after selecting next deck up
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a song disconnects live stream
  • Fixed an issue where changing the scene using a controller while adjusting automation by clicking and dragging in the bar/line view can result in ungrouped undo actions
  • Fixed an issue where third party FX plugin windows aren't visible in Scene Track view
  • Fixed an issue where bar mode displays incorrectly on Undo Recording
  • Fixed an issue where recording automation doesn't work after deleting a deck
  • Fixed an issue where parameter recording latch-in sometimes breaks while dragging a control when scene loops
  • Fixed an issue where editing a parameter automation bar value can end up writing over neighbouring steps
  • Fixed a possible crash on shutdown with a MIDI device connected
  • Fixed an issue where automation parameter list may only appear after a second click.
  • Fixed an issue where Studio can become unresponsive when zooming out the song view with a long audio clip
  • Fixed a possible crash when modifying a sequence using undo.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a deck while editing automation disables undo/redo
  • Fixed a possible crash when playing an audio deck with Guitar Rig 5 loaded as effect
  • Fixed an issue where loading an audio file to a deck for the first time can be slower
  • Metadata can be read and written for m4v format
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to load an instrument with a large number of missing samples breaks audio loading
  • Fixed a possible crash when processing a network request
  • Improvement to library so you see a message when you attempt to remove an asset by just pressing delete

Version: Serato Studio 1.5.5
Size: 1.06 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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