Serato Studio Release Notes

9 December, 2020

Serato Studio 1.5.3

New features

  • AKAI MPK 3 Mini Support
  • Serato Video Crate now appears in DJ Library tab
  • Ability to delete from library and send straight to trash
  • CPU Improvements
  • Automation on/off in recording

Other Features

  • Fixed an issue to ensure the engine never goes idle after using library preview feature
  • Fixed an issue of a possible crash when attempting to access a location restricted by the user for privacy on macOS 10.15+
  • Fixed a possible crash when importing a DBv2 library database from a location
  • Improvement to waveform color state after mute/solo-out in non-playing scene
  • Fixed a possible crash when the main window has not yet been presented on a screen
  • Fixed colouring of scene deck waveforms
  • Fixed a possible crash when copying notes via a keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the analysis progress bar doesn't appear when analyzing a large folder of files after dragging in to Studio library
  • Fixed an issue where Sample source song Play does not work when Serato Studio engine is idle after opening settings window
  • Fixed an issue where Master waveform data missing on export
  • Fixed an issue where Audio output device doesn't connect to system default when preferred Output device is disconnected and incompatible preferred Input device is available
  • Improvement to dragging and dropping in an Audio Track
  • Improvement to instruments loading
  • Improvement to library preferences
  • Improvement to loading large instruments

Version: Serato Studio 1.5.3
Size: 1.06 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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