Serato Studio Release Notes

26 February, 2020

New Features:

  • Added Recent Projects on the Welcome Screen
  • Added the ability to reorder Audio tracks in the Song View
  • Added the ability to scroll the Song View horizontally using a trackpad
  • Added library column selection in the library
  • Added vertical auto-scroll when dragging items in the Song View area
  • Serato DJ Library tab now reads column preferences from Serato DJ
  • File panel now only shows supported file types

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Song View grid at different zoom levels
  • Fixed an issue where the selected cue is not on top (Sample Deck, Audio Deck)
  • Fixed an issue nudging a clip on one track will nudge all tracks
  • Fixed an issue dragging a Scene Pad down to the Song View area
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Play In Key' button colour
  • Fixed an issue where a Deck waveform can disappear at maximum zoom level
  • Fixed an issue with notes displaying in a recently expanded piano roll
  • Fixed an issue with the Song View vertical scroll bar
  • Fixed a possible crash when creating or deleting decks

Version: Serato Studio 1.4.3
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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