Serato Studio Release Notes

3 February, 2020

New Features:

  • Added the ability to use up to 32 scenes
  • Files panel updates and improvements (Now supporting previewing of audio files, visibility of external drives and interaction via keyboard shortcuts)
  • Various CPU improvements

Other Changes:

  • Note or Step selection while in Selection Mode is no longer additive when no modifiers are held in the Scene Player
  • Adjusted Song View tab visibility
  • Default Library/Song View now 8 pixels taller at minimum screen resolution
  • Fixed an issue with Serato Pack filenames incorrectly showing in the library
  • Fixed the channel mixer being obscured at max song view height with FX open
  • Fixed the Key on a Sample Deck missing after a new deck is created with detune in focus
  • Fixed an issue keeping correct audio when turning FX slots on and off
  • Fixed an issue with very High CPU Usage when playing silent drum decks
  • Fixed an issue where focus is not returned when escaping library list search
  • Fixed an issue deleting a selection of Pads in the Sample or Audio Deck
  • Fixed an issue displaying First Use Tour card positions
  • Fixed pressing escape while drawing a note causing a note to disappear but added on mouse release
  • Fixed an issue loading a project saved with older version of a plugin deletes plugin parameter automation
  • Fixed an issue where a Cue set exactly on the Tempo marker doesn't play at the speed of the playback region when reversed
  • Fixed an incorrect scene playing when expanding/collapsing Scene Deck View
  • Fixed an issue with Serato Pack installation error
  • Fixed an issue with the scene tracks during the DJ Edit first use tour
  • Fixed multiple potential crashes

Version: Serato Studio 1.4.2
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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