Serato Studio Release Notes

4 December, 2019

New Features:

  • Added new Audio Tracks
  • Added new 'Set Endless Slicer' Autoset Mode
  • Added a new Welcome Screen

Other Changes:

  • Improved Mute/Solo and playback interactions
  • Updated Take First Use Tour cards
  • Fixed an issue with slicer Autoset mode not starting correctly on beat
  • Fixed an issue where adding to a new crate fails to display for certain sort columns
  • Fixed an issue where deleting crates quickly can cause an error to be shown
  • Fixed an issue where Library delete keyboard shortcuts not behaving correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Cue End is set incorrectly for long files loaded to Drums Deck Pad
  • Fixed the Sample Deck 'Play' button possibly getting stuck after duplicating a deck
  • Fixed an issue where an MP3 Export cuts 1056 samples off the very end of the file
  • Fixed an issue with MIDI devices getting disconnected after exporting is completed
  • Fixed an issue double-clicking the title bar does not resize app window
  • Fixed an issue where empty smart crates are not properly synced from Serato DJ
  • Fixed an issue where Sample Deck doesn't use the latest Metadata after clearing Beatgrid
  • Fixed an issue where deck deletion confirmation dialogue box won't display
  • Fixed beat markers are not displayed at default Zoom level on track load
  • Fixed a possible crash on analysis when loading a file with very low BPM
  • Fixed an issue where playing from Song View breaks focus in other areas when using Spacebar to playback
  • Fixed loading a short file with 0BPM to deck after a file with valid BPM maintains cues from the previous file
  • Fixed an issue where Loading a sample with low BPM causes slow analysis performance on Windows

Version: Serato Studio 1.4.0
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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